*tips snake* m’dusa

accidentally made it a bit of a feminist rant

damn it

went over 700 words lol oh well

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Remember when Romney lost the election so somebody created White People Mourning Romney and collected various people crying over Romney’s loss

Still so funny.


I’m so fucking close

my essay is all over the place

I start one paragraph and then begin/finish another sdjgsdkjg

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live fast die young bad girls procrastinate and somehow still do it well

well 1 essay down

425 words for the second one lol

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okay but like

if you honestly believe that steve rogers is a person that stands for everything the us government stands for i can’t take you seriously???

just because he’s captain america and he’s patriotic doesn’t mean that he trusts the government, he trusts the ideals that the government parrots that they never follow

steve rogers doesn’t believe in the america of the politicians, he believes in the america they like to flap gums about, the america that’s a home to all people and a haven for new lives and a place of diversity and truth; it’s why he doesn’t trust shield at all, he doesn’t trust the politics and lying and lying by omission 

steve wouldn’t be on the government’s side of history; if anything, he’d be a virulent opposer of it. steve’s the people’s hero, not the government’s poster boy 


Just in case no one told you today:

  • Good morning
  • You’re beautiful
  • I love you
  • Nice butt